Newspaper of "The Wall" Expedition


A weekly newspaper on the expedition, written by pupils, will be published. The language will be appropriate for primary school pupils. Links will make it possible for difficult words to be explained. The classes participating will have the task of writing an article (or several) on the Antarctic during the expedition. They will send their work to the Activity Manager for publication. Classes can also send a questionnaire on a specific subject relating to the Antarctic. This will be sent to polar region specialists and the interview will be published a short time later in the Antarctic newspaper. Scientific advisers are also available.

Interviews and scientist or explorer reactions will constitute the framework of the newspaper.

Background articles will contribute to enhanced understanding of the Antarctic Continent.

Close collaboration with the scientist members of the expedition, the adventurers of the expedition, and the CNRS scientists is envisaged, and an on-line newspaper that will develop links with the pupils’ newspaper…

Activity in progress

Classes participating in the activity